Feel good immersive comedy aerobics

Reclaim your mojo back from the coronavirus!

MOJO MOVES online, providing welcome relief from boredom, anxiety, inactivity, social isolation and negativity. Live in the moment and lose yourself in the superb playlists and memorable moves with your feisty and charismatic host Cheryl Sprinkler and occasional guest host Tony DiMonté.

5 pay classes a week (book and pay online to receive your invitation). £6.50 per session or £5.25 if you purchase an online pass.

Mojo Moves is a social fitness phenomenon & immersive aerobics dance class brought to you by Rare Species Theatre Company.

It combines comedy with a proper workout to great music and theme tunes from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s.

Taking you back to the old skool and school days when makeup was bold and hair was big!

It is led by larger-than-life fitness guru

Cheryl Sprinkler (named after her signature dance move), a character born as an antidote to comedy performer Ginny Adams’ own depression, poor body confidence and general lack of oomph back in 2017.

What better solution but to create a fearless & fabulous alter-ego to spread the love and help others find themselves again.

Mojo Moves is all about getting your mojo back, feeling happy, confident & free and losing yourself in dance and laughter.

Classes are more like social events with a warm friendly atmosphere.

Laugh, reminisce, shake your booty and feel like your old self again.

Dressing up is optional.

Your mental health and wellbeing is our business.