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We’ve always believed that there’s nothing more important in life than remembering those special moments and magical memories that mean the world to you. They make you feel alive, warm your heart, and sometimes even bring a tear to your eye. The only problem is knowing how to find a unique way to celebrate and cherish them in a truly personal way.

When we started looking for just such a thing many years ago, we soon realised that if we wanted to find it, we’d have to make it ourselves. In that moment Nicely Personalised was born, and we’ve never looked back.

Ever since that first day crafting and creating, we stayed true to our unique approach to doing things. We believe in putting in that little bit of effort, care, and attention so that everything we put our name to will stand the test of time and make memories that never fade. We combine this approach with personal touches and gifting options that make the whole process as relaxing and effortless as it should be.

Meet the Team

Nicely Personalised is proud to be a family business based in Frome, Somerset. When we’re not busy applying the finishing touches to our latest order, you’ll find us enjoying life and making memories to cherish.

Our Promise

We love what we do and want to make sure you do too. That’s why we offer a simple 90 day money back guarantee that means if you don’t fall in love with what you receive, you never have to worry about a thing.