Little Herbs

100% organic skincare for Little Ones - and their Mums

We’re here in Frome. This is where we make everything. We sell online and we’re still operating during the Covid19 emergency: we’re a family business, so we can. We will do our best to deliver orders within our town.

We’re offering Fromies 20% off everything. Your discount code is FROME20.

Little Herbs’ guiding principle is to use what surrounds us.  Our bodies grow here, live here, and are sustained here so why not take advantage of the magnificent trees, fruits and healing herbs that abound in our gardens and fields? Surely we and our bodies understand these better than exotic ingredients imported from far across the world? Surely it’s better for the environment?  In fact we’d go so far as to say the way we work is best for your baby, best for you, best for the earth.

Because we use only the very best ingredients, sourced from as near as we can find them, a little goes a long way.