Affordable Fine Art Direct from Local Makers

OWL, the only artists collective gallery in Frome, is a much-loved fixture of the local art scene. The gallery was set up over a decade ago and since then has gone from strength to strength, showcasing the very best in a huge variety of media from fine art, print, glass, ceramic, porcelain, assemblage and sculpture.

OWL is celebrating a recent make-over. The gallery space is light, open and set with diverse work by seven artists. The OWLS are: Annemarie Blake (painting, etching and lithography), Hans Borgonjon (sculpture, porcelain, ceramics), Tess Chodan (entomological artworks), Anny Colgan (painting and print), David Daniels (drawing and print), Phaedra Politis (glass) and Rebecca Wordsworth (porcelain).

As artists, we are all continuing to create our work despite the temporary closure of our gallery.

OWL can arrange free local delivery of any piece from any artist. Please contact us via the website or email for more information. Don’t forget to check our individual websites for all work available.